The Most Amazing Creatures Discovered In Oceans

Mother Earth has been more than generous to all of us, and the beauty that we see around us every day should of course be safely guarded against all artificial perils. Tall, proud mountain peaks, crystal clear waters, amazing vegetation, wild animals, all of these make for the main riches of the land. But what do our oceans hide form us? Find out which are the most amazing creates ever to be discovered inside out oceans.

First of all, you do not have to buy some wetsuits and go see these creatures for yourself. Some of these creatures are rare at sight, so chances are, even you do decide to keep exploring the waters for days, you might fail at catching a glimpse of them. Plus, there are thousands of amazing marine creatures deep down there, so you might be having a harder time identifying them properly.

Let us take the mimic octopus as one fine example here. This surprising creature of the ocean is able to do pretty much what a dry land chameleon: it can successfully take on the appearance and gestures of 15 different species. It was discovered more than a decade ago and it can be found in South East Asian waters. It feeds on crabs and small fish and it can take on the appearance of lionfish, flounders, jellyfish, sea shells and many more, while under attack.

The gulper eel is close to being considered one of the strangest creatures on earth. It can grow as much as three-to-six feet and it features a large, pelican-like mouth. Its mouth enables it to eat prey bigger than its own body; but such a big mouth does not host any giant teeth, as you might expect. On the contrary, it has very small teeth. It lives at depths up to 10, 000 feet.  Make sure you do not “step on its tail” when it is cerca casa or something to eat.

Beaverton dwellers might not be able to see the next creature we are going to tell you about in their Tualatin River. The Japanese giant spider crab definitely breaks all the barriers of crab’s normal dimensions. Its legs can be as long as 13 feet and its body is the size of a basketball. Look at is closely and you will think of it as a giant spider. This huge crab is not too aggressive, as it normally walks on the ocean floor using all of its eight legs and uses its two large pincer limbs up front to capture its prey. You can go to Japan and look for some cheap serviced apartments, if you would like to improve your chances of seeing this beauty. In case you were mis sold PPI, claim your money back and plan a trip around the world, in hopes of seeing at least part of these ocean wonders.

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