The Extinction of Sea Creatures

The topic that revolves around the extinction of sea creatures is a highly interesting one for a variety of reasons. If you are wondering which are some of the main causes or factors that have triggered the extinction of a lot of these creatures or entire water species, you should check out the rest of this article. The topic could be considered appropriate for those of you who take on blogging for kids, as it should help children realize the importance of acting responsibly and properly protecting the environment.The extinction of sea creatures also makes for an excellent career research subject a marine biologist, for instance, could consider being perfectly suitable for an important thesis.

The advanced degree of environmental pollution, combined with the global warming phenomenon and additional human-created problems have all led to the current state of today’s oceans and seas. Despite of the fact that scientists have already spotted these problems years ago and they have fought hard to prevent it from turning into a sad reality, the extinction of sea creatures seems to be impossible to avoid. The events are nothing similar to a car accident or a sudden sciatica pain, but it is rather an issue that has been clearly identified, foreseen and debated by a lot of professionals. The dead zones that only seem to be expanding, the coral reefs that are dying and the apparition of more and more toxic algae are also part of the problem. These are also important factors that are contributing to the extinction of a great number of marine creatures. As a matter of fact, according to an official report, it would seem that entire ecosystem that are to be found inside the planet’s seas and oceans are going extinct, and not solely marine species. The decline in the health of the planetary oceans is occurring at amazingly rapid speeds. The fact that the overfishing is still an action that is yet to be stopped or prevented worldwide has also led to the reducing of fish stocks by more than 90%. The impacts all of these changes are expected to have on the entire human race are extraordinarily big. The bad news is that a few of some of the most important changes are now occurring at much higher speeds tan the ones that even the worst case scenarios that were developed years ago were able to create.

Whenever we are thinking about throwing away plastic containers hosting coconut oil for face or whenever we are planning on taking our powerful car when on vacation, we should all think of the severe consequences that plastic, chemicals, carbon dioxide and oil spills are currently causing. Plus, maybe watching some sea creature extinction movie trailers online could also do the trick for some of us.

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